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Tim Cook talks Apple Watch at Goldman Sachs conference

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco Tuesday, February 10th.

Cook was asked by Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn what will make the upcoming Apple Watch different from other smartwatches already available on the market.

In response, Cook mentioned prior Apple products, such as the iPod and iPad, noting how although not first to their respective MP3 player and tablet markets, they made a more profound impact. Cook added that he sees a similar parallel with what’s on offer in the smartwatch market today:

There are several things called smartwatches that are shipping, but none have changed the way people live their lives.

Just like iPad has changed the way you work and hopefully the way you live, and iPhone has done that — we hope Apple Watch will do the same.

Tim Cook highlighted the Apple Watch’s high level of customisation and variety of styles as a key differentiator to competitor devices, declaring that their device “looks fantastic”.

Speaking on a more day-to-day level Cook detailed how he personally uses the Apple Watch, be that interacting with Siri, in the gym to track exercise or as a reminder to move if he sits too long, with the watch ‘tapping’ him on the wrist.

Cook elaborated on this subtle ‘tapping’ action, noting that a number of doctors have expressed concerns over how long people are sitting, calling it “the new cancer”. The Apple Watch is said to be able to schedule reminders ten minutes before each hour to get you up and moving.

The Apple Watch, to begin with at least, will be a companion device to the iPhone, requiring one to be paired to a handset for certain tasks. Cook spoke how these paired devices can compliment each other noting that the Apple Watch is more suited in certain scenarios, such as a meeting where checking your wrist may be more subtle than pulling your phone out of your pocket.

Tim Cook added that one of the bigger surprises for the upcoming Apple Watch will be the “breadth of what it will do”.

A full run down of what was discussed at the keynote can be found over at 9to5Mac.


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