Apple Watch Edition - 38mm 18K Yellow Gold case with Bright Red Modern Buckle

Ask Siri: Your iPhone reccommends the Apple Watch

Ask Siri a few questions about the upcoming Apple Watch and it will answer.

Ask it what the best watch is, and of course it recommends the soon-to-be released Apple Watch. Ask it what the best watch in the World is, and yup Siri’s bias shines through, with it endorsing the Apple Watch yet again.

Apple Watch - Siri iPhone "Best Watch"Apple Watch - Siri iPhone "Best in the World"

However, ask Siri the question on everyone’s mind – just how much money for the high-end Gold Apple Watch and suddenly Siri isn’t so forthright in regards to your ‘interesting question’.

Apple Watch Price - Siri iPhone

Oddly enough, if you tell Siri you’re in market for a new watch it will sympathise with you…

Apple Watch - iPhone Siri "I'm Sorry"

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