Apple Watch (3 models)

The Apple Watch marks the start of a new Apple

One thing is clear: The introduction of the Apple Watch marks the start of a new Apple.

Several years ago, when the company was still at the helm of Steve Jobs, the Cupertino firm changed the name they had been known by for some 30 years — dropping ‘Computer’ from the ‘Apple Computer Inc’ moniker.

The new ‘Apple Inc’ tag was ushered in due to the companies then changing line-up of products. With the Apple TV, Mac, iPod and iPhone, Steve Jobs claimed “Only one of those is a computer. So we’re changing the name”.

Now, following the introduction of Apple Watch that simplified name carries more weight then ever.

Apple is no longer ‘just’ a technology company. The Apple Watch, although an intriguing piece of technology in its own right, carries its merit not only on what it can do, but also on how it looks.

The distinctive choice of different bands and straps available for the Apple Watch marks a piviotol point in the company’s history — you’re paying extra for style.

Yes, at one point in time you did have to pay extra for a black MacBook, but the choice on offer with the Apple Watch puts personal flair as a front-and-center decision.

You want the Stainless Steel Link Buckle, you’re going to pay. Want a Rose Gold Apple Watch, you’re really going to pay.

The Apple Watch marks the first big play from Apple in establishing itself as a fashion brand.

Owning a Gold iPhone or MacBook Air may well already be viewed as ‘fashionable’ tech choices, but this time Apple are the ones consciously deciding to create a product with a strong fashion focus.

Apple: The maison couture of Cupertino?


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