Digital Crown

Digital Crown coming to iPhone and iPad?

Could the Apple Watch’s unique input method, the digital crown, make its way to other Apple devices?

A recent patent discovery suggests the rotary input may end up on the next iPhone or iPad.

Digital Crown to go beyond the watch?

The digital crown, which functions similarly to a dial on a regular watch, enables easy navigation around parts of watchOS — particularly when it comes to scrolling lists or zooming in and out of objects.

The main benefit of the input method on the Apple Watch? Navigating without having to use the touchscreen (and blocking the view with your finger).

Digital Crown iPad

Such a use-case isn’t as clearly defined on larger devices, such as phones and tablets. As such, the benefit of bringing the digital crown across to other products isn’t immediately obvious.

As with many patent applications, Apple is often covering all grounds, so nothing may come of this — but it’s interesting to speculate on how the crown could be used on a larger device all the same.

United States Patent and Trademark Office

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