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Quartz: No one wants to buy an Apple Watch

After more than a year on the market Quartz ran a survey on people’s opinion of the Apple Watch any future purchasing intent. The results? Not great.

The findings hinted at a few general trends:

  • Those without an Apple Watch are not to fussed about getting one.
  • Those who own one love it, and are looking forward to what’s coming next.
  • The price is deemed too high.
  • Potential buyers need to see an Apple Watch in-person and get some hands on before committing.

Now, the Quartz survey was only of 530+ iPhone owners, so the above takeaways can be taken with as much or as little salt as you’d like. But either way, I think the results do paint a picture of a general product perception issue that the Apple Watch currently has.

My take? It boils down to a classic Apple problem: wait for version two.

More than a year after its release, and still no one wants to buy an Apple Watch

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