Apple Watch Edition 38mm 18-Carat Rose Gold

Apple rename some Apple Watch models ‘2015 editions’

Ahead of the expected Apple Watch refresh due to take place at Apple’s upcoming September 7th event, the company has subtly started renaming some of the original models as ‘2015 edition’ units.

First spotted by user ‘jaqk-‘ over on Reddit, the name change is currently only showing in the official Apple Store iOS app. However, this change is not reflected on Apple’s website.

Pip Ticker has confirmed the change, as proved in the screenshots below.

Apple Watch 2015 Edition - Rose Gold Apple Watch 2015 Edition - Yellow Gold

Only a small number of Apple Watch Edition models are brandishing the 2015 tag, including the 38mm Rose Gold, and 38mm Yellow Gold models pictured above.

Now, the naming convention here does seem a bit dubious to me — who would want to wear anything called a ‘2015 edition’ in 2016, particularly in the world of high fashion, for which the Edition was no doubt catering towards. My guess is that this is probably just an internal moniker that has erroneously found its way into the iOS app.

Another take?  This change may hint at plans to keep these original pricey ‘Edition’ models around as part of a refreshed Apple Watch product line-up. Or, what’s more likely — it could simply be a case of Apple still having plenty of inventory for the $10k+ Edition options.

Either way, an updated Apple Watch 2 range is expected to be introduced next week — whether or not the downplayed Edition sees a version two upgrade, well, we’ll have to wait and see. 

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