Apple rename some Apple Watch models ‘2015 editions’

Ahead of the expected Apple Watch refresh due to take place at Apple’s upcoming September 7th event, the company has subtly started renaming some of the original models as ‘2015 edition’ units.

First spotted by user ‘jaqk-‘ over on Reddit, the name change is currently only showing in the official Apple Store iOS app. However, this change is not reflected on Apple’s website. Continue reading Apple rename some Apple Watch models ‘2015 editions’

Yes, the Apple Watch 2 is on the way

It should come as no surprise: the next Apple Watch is expected to arrive later this year. 

According to DigiTimes (who have a mixed track record), suppliers are claiming the next Apple Watch will be revealed this fall. This speculation comes following “conservative orders” across the supply chain for the upcoming device.

Apple Watch 2

The next Apple Watch will reportedly be announced at an event taking place in either September or October. Typically the next iPhone is announced at a September event, so a double-whammy event could be likely.

Changes expected in the second generation wearable are mainly under-the-hood. Little cosmetic change to talk of, but a new system-on-a-chip, LTE data, GPS and better performance and battery life are all expected.

What do you want to see in the next Apple Watch?

Apple give employees special Rainbow Apple Watch bands for Pride

Apple employees taking part in San Francisco’s Pride event this past weekend received a little gift by way of rainbow watch band.

Dozens of Apple employees shared pictures of their new colorful Apple Watch bands on Instagram and Twitter.

Proud to be representing #applepride #sfpride #applewatch #nylonband

A photo posted by @rikiri on

The special LGBT+ five colour band is not available for sale, so if you want one you’ll have to keep an eye out for an Apple employee selling one on eBay.


Apple hopes the Watch will sell just like the iPod did: Seasonally

The Apple Watch has been available to consumers for just over a year now. With that in mind, Apple CEO Tim Cook offered some thoughts on the devices sales pattern so far.

Cook likened the Watch to that of Apple’s once ruling product line, the iPod.

During the company’s Q2 2016 earnings call, Cook professed that the Apple Watch, which is now available in some 60 countries, would see sales seasonality similar to that of the iPod.

Tim Cook

The iPod, during its heyday most often saw annual product refreshes at a September event, with a fall release schedule, resulting in big holiday season sales.

Apple predicts that some 40% of Watch sales will now occur in the fourth quarter (Q4).

Apple hinting that the Watch will follow a similar pattern to the iPod is most certainly true, but is also no doubt worth mentioning as a way to manage expectations going forward.

Apple did not reveal during their latest earnings call how many Apple Watch devices have sold to date. 

New Apple Watch apps must work without an iPhone

The uncoupling of the iPhone and Apple Watch draws ever closer. 

In a recent brief blog post, Apple instructed developers that any Watch apps submitted for App Store approval from Wednesday, June 1st 2016 must be a native app running watchOS 2.

This means all new apps will have to work on the Apple Watch without an iPhone.

It’s hoped this change suggests that at some point in the future the Apple Watch could be sold as a standalone device, as opposed to its current ‘iPhone accessory’ designation.

— Via Engadget

The Apple Watch Outpaced the iPhone in Year One

The good news? Apple has sold more Watches than the iPhone did in its first year back in 2007. The bad news? The future probably isn’t so bright for Apple’s wearable. 

According to the WSJ, Apple has sold twice as many Watches as iPhones in each device’s respective debut years.

Apple is yet to release any official numbers on Watch sales, but this suggestion would place the Watch in excess of 10 million units sold so far.

Apple’s Watch Outpaced the iPhone in First Year (Wall Street Journal)

No Apple Watch for Switzerland

The home of luxury watches won’t be seeing the Apple Watch any time soon.

According to a Reuters report Apple won’t be able to launch their upcoming smartwatch due to rights issues — much to the delight of Swiss watchmakers I’m sure.

The U.S. tech giant cannot use the image of an apple nor the word “apple” to launch its watch within Switzerland, the home of luxury watches, because of a patent from 1985, RTS reported, citing a document from the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

Marc Newson wears Apple Watch

British designer Marc Newson has been spotted wearing the Apple Watch.

Hired by Apple last year, Newson has been rumoured to have played a part in designing the upcoming smartwatch.

The snap of Newson wearing the Apple Watch can be seen over at RazorianFly.

Apple Watch: The iPhone Killer

David Pierce, formerly of The Verge, now at Wired writes about the ‘secret’ history of the upcoming Apple Watch.

The Apple team landed upon the Watch’s raison d’être. It came down to this: Your phone is ruining your life.

Putting aside the clichéd headline, it’s worth grabbing a coffee and sitting down to read this one.

Switzerland Responds: Tag Heuer making smartwatch with Google

Yup, Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer is working on a smartwatch with Google and Intel.

Discussion on how, and when, the Swiss watch industry would react to the upcoming Apple Watch has been plentiful — this announcement from TAG Heuer at the Baselworld watch expo marks the first significant big play from a Swiss watchmaker.

Speaking at the Baselworld announcement, TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver said this was the “biggest announcement ever” in his some 40 years in the industry, adding that the device would be the “greatest connected watch”.

TAG Heuer detailed that their luxury smartwatch is due to launch by the end of the year.

Read more on the move over at Bloomberg Business.