Apple Watch 2 Rumor Round-Up

A round-up video of ‘leaks’ and rumors on what to expect from the Apple Watch 2 from Daniel of ZONEofTECH.

Speculation covered in this video includes the watch rocking a thinner case, a possible curved display sporting smaller bevels and better water protection.

Apple Watch water (via ZONEofTECH)

The video also ventures that the next Apple Watch 2 will be faster thanks to 1GB of RAM (up from 512MB), will sport a front-facing Facetime camera and will be available in a new Titanium finish.

Any thoughts on this video’s predictions?

Apple Watch 2 – FINAL Leaks & Rumors


Ask Siri: Your iPhone reccommends the Apple Watch

Ask Siri a few questions about the upcoming Apple Watch and it will answer.

Ask it what the best watch is, and of course it recommends the soon-to-be released Apple Watch. Ask it what the best watch in the World is, and yup Siri’s bias shines through, with it endorsing the Apple Watch yet again.

Apple Watch - Siri iPhone "Best Watch"Apple Watch - Siri iPhone "Best in the World"

However, ask Siri the question on everyone’s mind – just how much money for the high-end Gold Apple Watch and suddenly Siri isn’t so forthright in regards to your ‘interesting question’.

Apple Watch Price - Siri iPhone

Oddly enough, if you tell Siri you’re in market for a new watch it will sympathise with you…

Apple Watch - iPhone Siri "I'm Sorry"

Here’s what Tim Cook has said on the Apple Watch so far

Ahead of Monday’s ‘Spring Forward’ event, GigaOM has collected a number of quotes from Apple CEO Tim Cook, highlighting what the man at the top has said publicly about the Apple Watch.

Take a look for a refresher before tomorrow’s event.

Apple Watch Spotted: Apple’s upcoming wearable ‘in the wild’ ahead of launch

Have you spotted an Apple Watch whilst out and about — before the April release date?

Share it with us on Twitter and we will add it to this regularly updated round-up.

Developers share a preview of their upcoming Apple Watch apps

Ahead of the Apple Watch launch in April a number of developers are starting to share previews of what their upcoming apps will look like on Apple’s wrist watch, including the likes of Realmac, BMW and Nike.

Craig Grannell of Wearable collates a handful in this round-up, with accompanying images of what their Apple Watch apps may look like.