Here’s a custom made Apple Watch band tray

How’s this for a cool way to store your Apple Watch band collection? 

Steve Tsuida created this great looking tray for his various Apple Watch bands.

You can see the DIY process he went through to make it, from 3D plans, to prototype through to the finished product. Of course, in typical Apple fashion this band tray is made from anodised milled aluminium.

Take a look.

Apple Watch band tray:

How to rock a Pokeball vibe on your Apple Watch

Sadly the recently released iOS Pokemon Go application does not have an Apple Watch companion app, yet. However, that’s not to say you can’t keep the Pokemon trainer vibe going on your smartwatch.

Reddit user ‘maatttxd’ shared an image of his Apple Watch sporting a Pokeball background, and a two different Apple Watch Sport bands. One side white, one side red.

Take a look:

Time to fill the exercise rings! Local gyms here I come

You can grab the Pokeball Apple Watch wallpaper used here, and if you want to recreate the strap effect, you’ll need a White Apple Watch Sport band and a Product Red band too.

A Cheap Apple Watch Clone

Ste Smith from Cult of Mac takes a look at $70 Chinese clone of the Apple Watch.

His verdict: not terrible.

Windows 95 on an Apple Watch

Getting Windows 95 to run on an Android Wear device is old news, but now somebody has managed to get the Microsoft operating system (OS) to finally run on Apple’s smartwatch.

Nick Lee posted the video to YouTube, showing the 20+ year old OS working on the Apple Watch.

He blogged about the process involved in getting the setup to work, and shared the code so you can try this yourself on his GitHub.

Windows 95 meet Apple Watch

Take a look: