Apple give employees special Rainbow Apple Watch bands for Pride

Apple employees taking part in San Francisco’s Pride event this past weekend received a little gift by way of rainbow watch band.

Dozens of Apple employees shared pictures of their new colorful Apple Watch bands on Instagram and Twitter.

Proud to be representing #applepride #sfpride #applewatch #nylonband

A photo posted by @rikiri on

The special LGBT+ five colour band is not available for sale, so if you want one you’ll have to keep an eye out for an Apple employee selling one on eBay.


One bloggers favorite Apple Watch features

Lifestyle blogger and Apple Watch user ‘Robin’ has outlined her favorite features of the Apple wristwatch.

Her highlights include notifications, reminders, the ability to ‘ping‘ your phone if you’ve misplaced it round the house and even just the basics: telling the time/date.

— My Top 4 Favorite Features | Apple Watch

“Taken off the Apple Watch for the last time”

Alex Hern writing for The Guardian declares that he has taken off his Apple Watch for the last time:

“It took me nine months to realise it, but the only useful thing about Apple’s £479 smartwatch was the weather notifications.”

Alex’s main grumbles are about how slow the device is, and interface and a lack of compelling apps.

His wrist replacement? A ‘dumb’ Casio B640W.

Casio Watch - Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian
Image: Samuel Gibbs for The Guardian

Everyone’s wrong about Apple Watch, It can change your life

Owen Williams thinks that all the recent criticism directed at the Apple Watch following its first anniversary is misplaced.

It can change your life in material ways, just by helping you make tiny behavior tweaks.

Everyone’s wrong about Apple Watch. Here’s why. (Medium)

Chris Pirillo on Why He’s Going To Stop Wearing His Apple Watch

Why Chris Pirillo is no longer planning on wearing his Apple Watch.

General criticisms include the lack of good third-party apps, speed, and how the Watch hasn’t offered a notable change to his life, and therefore isn’t interesting or exciting enough to wear everyday.

You can listen to the nine minute audio here:

Chris Pirillo Apple Watch

Can the Apple Watch Keep Your iPhone Addiction Under Control?

Carolina Milanesi for Techpinions:

“Articulating why I like it to someone who has not tried it is not easy. What I usually end up saying is I like it because it helps me keep my phone addiction under control.”

This seems to be a common boon for Apple Watch owners. The device on the wrist helps with quick ‘in-and-out’ interactions, reducing the constant time-sink of phone checking.

The Apple Watch Keeps My iPhone Addiction Under Control (Techpinions)

Did we expect too much from the Apple Watch?

Nate Swanner for The Next Web asks if, one year on, too much was expected from Apple’s first take at making a smartwatch.

The Apple Watch “makes everything easier and more awkward at the same time”.

Swanner questions the general perception of the device, whether the first generation product should be considered beta, and what may be around the corner.

Swanner concludes that “it’s just a really good accessory waiting for you to figure out why you want it — if you even can”.

The Apple Watch, one year later: Did we expect too much?

Windows 95 on an Apple Watch

Getting Windows 95 to run on an Android Wear device is old news, but now somebody has managed to get the Microsoft operating system (OS) to finally run on Apple’s smartwatch.

Nick Lee posted the video to YouTube, showing the 20+ year old OS working on the Apple Watch.

He blogged about the process involved in getting the setup to work, and shared the code so you can try this yourself on his GitHub.

Windows 95 meet Apple Watch

Take a look:

Apple Watch 2 Rumor Round-Up

A round-up video of ‘leaks’ and rumors on what to expect from the Apple Watch 2 from Daniel of ZONEofTECH.

Speculation covered in this video includes the watch rocking a thinner case, a possible curved display sporting smaller bevels and better water protection.

Apple Watch water (via ZONEofTECH)

The video also ventures that the next Apple Watch 2 will be faster thanks to 1GB of RAM (up from 512MB), will sport a front-facing Facetime camera and will be available in a new Titanium finish.

Any thoughts on this video’s predictions?

Apple Watch 2 – FINAL Leaks & Rumors


An Awful Year With the Apple Watch

Casey Chan, writing for Gizmodo, has an Apple Watch, but can not recommend it.

Apple Watch: An Awful Year?

The watch has been available for a little over a year now, but Chan claims he isn’t sure if he will “ever wear it again”.

His scathing blog post, which even caught the eye of The Macalope, goes over a few of his concerns with the device, including a baffling enduring confusion at using the devices only two buttons.

Chan concludes that the watch “doesn’t really do anything that anyone needs, and even when it does, it doesn’t always work like it’s supposed to”.

“Things I learned over the past year of strapping the shitty screen vibrator to my wrist” — Casey Chan

My God-Awful Year With the Apple Watch (Gizmodo)