Apple rename some Apple Watch models ‘2015 editions’

Ahead of the expected Apple Watch refresh due to take place at Apple’s upcoming September 7th event, the company has subtly started renaming some of the original models as ‘2015 edition’ units.

First spotted by user ‘jaqk-‘ over on Reddit, the name change is currently only showing in the official Apple Store iOS app. However, this change is not reflected on Apple’s website. Continue reading Apple rename some Apple Watch models ‘2015 editions’

Gold Digger: Apple Watch may use 30% of global gold supply

According to a report complied by long-running Apple site TidBits the upcoming Apple Watch may use as much as 30 percent of  global gold supplies.

Admittedly the figures are based on several assumptions, such as sales expectations, but they roughly estimate that Apple may end up using around 746 metric tonnes of gold throughout the next year.

This figure is based on Wall Street Journal projections that Apple will produce one million ‘Edition’ watches every month.

The report gives an estimate that some 2,500 metric tonnes of gold are mined annually.