New Apple Watch apps must work without an iPhone

The uncoupling of the iPhone and Apple Watch draws ever closer. 

In a recent brief blog post, Apple instructed developers that any Watch apps submitted for App Store approval from Wednesday, June 1st 2016 must be a native app running watchOS 2.

This means all new apps will have to work on the Apple Watch without an iPhone.

It’s hoped this change suggests that at some point in the future the Apple Watch could be sold as a standalone device, as opposed to its current ‘iPhone accessory’ designation.

— Via Engadget

Developers share a preview of their upcoming Apple Watch apps

Ahead of the Apple Watch launch in April a number of developers are starting to share previews of what their upcoming apps will look like on Apple’s wrist watch, including the likes of Realmac, BMW and Nike.

Craig Grannell of Wearable collates a handful in this round-up, with accompanying images of what their Apple Watch apps may look like.

Designers mock-up how popular apps may look on Apple Watch

I missed this gallery posted on Wired last week of how certain apps may look on the Apple Watch.

It features a mock-up view of how popular apps such as Uber, Foursquare, Mint, Shazam and Garmin may look on the Apple Watch. It’s worth checking out for a feel on how these apps may slim-down for the wrist.