Quartz: No one wants to buy an Apple Watch

After more than a year on the market Quartz ran a survey on people’s opinion of the Apple Watch any future purchasing intent. The results? Not great.

The findings hinted at a few general trends:

  • Those without an Apple Watch are not to fussed about getting one.
  • Those who own one love it, and are looking forward to what’s coming next.
  • The price is deemed too high.
  • Potential buyers need to see an Apple Watch in-person and get some hands on before committing.

Now, the Quartz survey was only of 530+ iPhone owners, so the above takeaways can be taken with as much or as little salt as you’d like. But either way, I think the results do paint a picture of a general product perception issue that the Apple Watch currently has.

My take? It boils down to a classic Apple problem: wait for version two.

More than a year after its release, and still no one wants to buy an Apple Watch

Is the Apple Watch a ‘stalled platform’?

Does the Apple Watch already feel a little stale?

Dan Frommer over at Quartz takes a look back at the past six months with his Apple Watch, and questions whether Apple’s new platform may have come to a halt.

The platform simply feels stalled.

No need for watches

Last week luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer announced plans to release their own ‘smartwatch’ later this year, set to compete with Apple’s upcoming Apple Watch.

Dan Fromer of Quartz surmises why Apple needn’t worry:

If the Apple Watch is a hit, it won’t be because Apple is winning over would-be Tag Heuer or Rolex customers. It’ll be because Apple will have convinced tens of millions of people to wear tiny computers on their wrists. Those people will then have no need for “watches.”

Nail, head.