No need for watches

Last week luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer announced plans to release their own ‘smartwatch’ later this year, set to compete with Apple’s upcoming Apple Watch.

Dan Fromer of Quartz surmises why Apple needn’t worry:

If the Apple Watch is a hit, it won’t be because Apple is winning over would-be Tag Heuer or Rolex customers. It’ll be because Apple will have convinced tens of millions of people to wear tiny computers on their wrists. Those people will then have no need for “watches.”

Nail, head.

Switzerland Responds: Tag Heuer making smartwatch with Google

Yup, Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer is working on a smartwatch with Google and Intel.

Discussion on how, and when, the Swiss watch industry would react to the upcoming Apple Watch has been plentiful — this announcement from TAG Heuer at the Baselworld watch expo marks the first significant big play from a Swiss watchmaker.

Speaking at the Baselworld announcement, TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver said this was the “biggest announcement ever” in his some 40 years in the industry, adding that the device would be the “greatest connected watch”.

TAG Heuer detailed that their luxury smartwatch is due to launch by the end of the year.

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